Everyone who collaborated on a project on Relevo, no matter how big or small their contribution was, can be found here!
We hope this list of talented and skilled individuals can be as inspiring as helpful. 
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Mehnaz Mia
tagliala come vuoi, non sono molto convi


Nicola Nitido

Nicola Nitido (Napoli, 1993) is a curator based in Naples. His theoretical and critical approach can trace its source from Warburgian methodology spanned by a semiotic perspective. He is part of the curatorial board of In-Ruins Residency, and he has undertaken several internships and research projects at PS120, Berlin, and Residency 80121, Naples, as well as at the Rubenianum Institute, Antwerp, and at the Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden. Recently he curated last September an exhibition at Metodo Milano.

Mehnaz Mia



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Mehnaz Mia
Elisa Filomena, photography.JPG


Elisa Filomena

Elisa Filomena (Torino, 1976) graduated in painting at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, where she lives and works. Her practice and continuous research focus on the human figure and nature, both experienced as perennial and delicate forces in contrast and harmony with the transience of existence. The works are often made up of unnatural images that make up dreams and tales of what is hidden from the visible.

Mehnaz Mia
Foto giorgio.PNG


Giorgio Celin


Giorgio Ermes Celin (b.1986, Barranquilla, Colombia) currently lives and works in Barcelona. He creates vibrant works that explore human relationships: the longing for intimacy and the tenderness and melancholy of living in a lonely world where individualism is rampant. He aims to celebrate the beauty, the queerness and the complexity of the latinx-diaspora.

Mehnaz Mia
Giulio Catelli (foto Andrea Montani).jpg


Giulio Catelli


Giulio Catelli (Rome, 1982) lives and works in Rome. His research in painting is related to the traditional genres of landscape and portrait. The subjects and the atmosphere come from everyday life, like an autobiography or a visual diary where models and iconographies are revisited tending to spontaneity and lightness.

Mehnaz Mia


Damiano Azzizia


Damiano (b.1989) is an artist based in Bari, Italy where he received his MFA in painting in 2020. His paintings evoke essentiality and timelessness and are the result of a careful study of the surrounding space, especially the domestic one and the objects/subjects that inhabit it.

Eder Olguin

Eder (b.1989, Mexico) is an artist living in Paris where he is currently undertaking a residency at 59 Rivoli Gallery. His work makes eco of a variety of inspiration sources ranging from historical avant-garde movements to contemporary art.

foto colori.JPG
Lorenzo Galuppo

Lorenzo (b.1995) is an artist and curator based in Rome where he is currently completing a Master in Management of Artistic Resources and Cultural Heritage at IULM University. He has undertaken various internship both in Italy and abroad, including at the Pino Pascali Foundation, CreArt project, Bluorg Gallery. He is particularly interested in exploring the pictorial and figurative contaminations in international emerging art.

Mehnaz Mia


Mehnaz Mia


Mehnaz (b.1992) has worked extensively across museums, galleries and auction houses across London and enjoys exploring Islamic art, both contemporary and historic. Following a BA in English Literature and Classical Studies at Exeter, she pursued an MA in History of  Art and Archeology at SOAS. She is currently living in Sydney, Australia and works within the secondary market. 

amber hammad.jpg
Amber Hammad

(b.1981, Lahore, Pakistan)

Amber is currently a Master of Fine Arts by Research student at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. Investigating her identity as a Muslim woman of colour from South Asia, Hammad explores notions of visibility, of power, of ownership, appropriation and identity in global and local contexts.

Vittoria Castiglione

Vittoria Castlione (b.1997) is an architecture student in her final year of an MSc in Architectural Restoration. Her research interest is in geometry and visualisation. She has collaborated with galleries internationally and has undertaken various placement in architect studios in Italy.