Collaborating with our network of creative professionals our mission is to build a community where opportunities are shared equally, individual voices heard, and local and international collaborations both in the digital realm and in physical form fostered.

Who for?

Relevo is first and foremost for art professionals, who we understand as anyone with experience or desire to work within the visual arts and whose goal is to enable and empower art production, dissemination and discourse. 

Our platform is for artists and the artistic community at large. All projects that are developed on Relevo’s digital channel will become part of a virtual archive of today’s most exciting and diverse curatorial endeavours and artistic practices for our peers, researchers, institutions, galleries, collectors and art aficionados to get inspired, learn and engage with.


Relevo’s live exhibitions and digital archive are also for collectors. They constitute a new platform where through the diverse curatorial approaches of international art professionals one can discover and collect new and exciting artists.

The Team

International and diverse, the Relevo team boasts extensive professional and academic experience working with emerging and established artist studios, blue-chip galleries and public institutions.


We have faced first-hand the implications of the pandemic on the art sector, experiencing redundancies from galleries, having to pursue further academic qualifications due to fierce job competition, or waiting for long overdue public funding to develop independent projects. Thus, we founded Relevo to  peers navigate this difficult times and beyond.